About us

Back in high school, when we started the CPS project, our only goal was to fully 3D print an underwater drone. We have spent countless hours tinkering with electronics, motors, Arduinos, cameras and 3D printers.

From late 2018, we have spent multiple hours a day working on creating our own underwater drone. 

Between 2018 and 2022, we have built about 15 prototypes of underwater drones, determined to make one  work properly. This trial and error approach has taught us everything we needed to know to create a fully functional underwater drone.

We created the first (actually) working prototype by 2020, when we created the CPS 5 design. Since then, we are working on optimising this design to make it even better.

Now our goal is to teach you the things that we have learned in a practical way but in a much more compressed and easy to understand format!