David Maier

“Building the ROV was very easy for me with the step by step instructions”

David has tried building a DIY ROV a few years ago, but didn’t have the time to do all the research needed to finish his project. Then, he found the CPS 5 Course, which made the entire process way easier.

Kate Leroux

“Building the CPS drone is a great experience for a variety of skill levels”

Kate also said: “Filip and Piotrek are enthusiastic teachers, and they answered quickly and encouragingly when I hit a few snags along the way. I now have a functional underwater drone that I built myself, something I’m very proud of.”

Taras Anatsko

“It was a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience building this sub”

Taras built a few quadcopters before and always wanted to try building something for underwater as well. This course allowed him to do exactly that “without spending years researching and developing my own ROV from scratch”. 

Chinook Poupaert

“The building process and the result (CPS 5) are very satisfying.”

Chinook tried building an ROV before, which was a good learning experience for him, but he lacked expert knowledge to make it actually usable. So when he found CPSdrone, he liked the fact that throughout the process he was always sure that he’s going to finish a well working drone at the end of the course.

Wang Chao

“I was happy to have completed the production”

Wang saw one of our Youtube videos. He decided to create the CPS 5 drone, and as he says, “many questions arose in the process”, but all of them where answered quickly. He successfully completed the building process and now has a fully working CPS 5.

Badal Kumar with Team MachLee ROVs

“It was an incredibly rewarding experience”

Badal with his team built their own ROV using the knowledge they gained from the CPS 5 Course. As Badal says: “I dedicated myself to building an ROV using the PVC pipe model, following the guidance and techniques I learned from your course. The process was both challenging and fulfilling, and I am proud to say that I have successfully completed my PVC pipe model ROV.

Florian T.

Jon M.

Tim B.

Jacek S.

Josh G.

Send us a picture of your completed CPS 5 drone and we’ll feature you on this site!